Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?

The question of private schools over public schools is highly based on region. Because public schools receive their funding based on city, public schools in more expensive areas are usually far better equipped than public schools in poorer areas. Since there are so many factors to consider with private and public schools, research should be done on a personal basis to study the schools available in your area. Neither private nor public schools should be immediately removed from consideration.

Private schools, due to better funding, generally have better equipment and better teachers than public schools. They usually have smaller class sizes and students are given more personal attention. Students that are failing are usually given more attention and brought up to code. Private schools usually test better than public schools, and private schools usually enable students to go to better universities both because they will score higher on the SATs and because they will have higher GPAs. A student at a private school will usually have better chances of graduating than in a public school. 

But private schools have problems as well. Sometimes the need to keep students from failing leads to teachers passing students that should have otherwise failed. Private schools tend to have unique atmospheres which may not conform to your parenting styles. Some may be strict to the point of concern, and others may be extremely religious. Furthermore, private schools are often extremely expensive, some of them costing more than a university education. While a private school can help a student, it’s arguable if it can help a student enough to compensate for the cost. Furthermore, private schools generally help unmotivated students more than students that are already motivated.

Public schools have a bad reputation, however public schools in expensive areas and suburban areas are often comparable with many private schools. Since public schools rely on fundraising for a lot of their money, if the parents in that particular district are very involved the school will be better than other public schools. While public schools do not give students as much individual attention, they do foster more individuality and more personal accountability. Going to a public school also enables a family to put more money aside for college, and the money that doesn’t go to a private school tuition can go towards a tutor for extra academic success. 

When considering private schools and public…

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