Arctic Information Technology, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with Whanau Tahi, Ltd.

Tribes now have a purpose built, cost effective solution that can adapt rapidly to change.

Arctic Information Technology, Inc. (Arctic IT), an Alaskan Native-Owned Enterprise, is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Whānau Tahi Ltd., a New Zealand-based, Māori-Owned Enterprise. This partnership is designed to deliver critical technology and connected services to tribal organizations throughout North America.

Arctic IT will be responsible for implementing Whānau Tahi Navigator, a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based application designed to serve “Family First.” This solution complements the Arctic IT Tribal Platforms™ Enrollment program being used by many tribes today. The technology can be deployed on premise or in the Microsoft Government Cloud, providing the customer the power of choice, additional security, and a platform that evolves with the needs of the tribe.

“The Tribal Platforms and Whānau Tahi Navigator software solution provides and unmatched ability to capture data, metrics, and analysis on efficacy, while providing deeper level of social engagement for tribal communities and their families,” said Dave Bailey, Arctic IT’s Chief Technology Officer. “Tribes now have a purpose built, cost effective solution that can adapt rapidly to change.”

Both firms have been actively involved in the “Tiwahe” initiative, a joint-program funded by the Department of Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The word “Tiwahe” is a Lakota word for “family” or “household.” This a pilot program aimed at empowering native families and providing successful foundations for youth to achieve more.

“We designed the solution to connect family service providers, and funding agencies to empower family-centric care for transformative and generational change,” said Stephen Keung, Whanau Tahi’s President & CEO, North America. “With Arctic IT’s technical and tribal experience and the practice leadership we have grown within our Whanau Tahi Navigator solution, we are excited to go to market here in the U.S. and promote positive outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.”

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