Archery Today is For Sports and Recreation

When you speak of archery, bows and arrows quickly come to mind. Long ago they were used as weapons for protection against an enemy or as a tool for hunting but today they are used mainly for sport and recreation.

Through the ages, the practice of using bows and arrows by soldiers during the wars proved difficult and ineffective due to the rigid trainings and special skills needed to use them. Firearms were then discovered and soldiers found it a lot easier to use, aside from the fact that those who did not possess these firearms started getting defeated in wars one after another. As a result, bows and arrows slowly but surely found its way out of the field.

Nowadays, archery is still being played and practiced, albeit occasionally, but more as a sports activity. Even so, the use of bows and arrows was an important episode in our history and one archers like to remember.

There are different kinds of archery bows, for example the longbow, shortbow, flatbow, crossbow and compound bow.

  • From its name, the longbow can be described as being long and heavy – its length the same as the user’s height, sometimes even longer.
  • The shortbow, in sharp contrast, is shorter in length and is very light. Because of its short range feature, it is best used in hunting activities.
  • Another archery bow is the flatbow whose limb is wider than the first two types and whose shape is rectangular.
  • There is also the crossbow which has horizontally-mounted limbs
  • A compound bow has a levering system of levers and pulleys.

Shafts comprise an arrow. The front part is called an arrowhead and is usually made of metal or other similar material. It is used in targeting or aiming at a point. To be able to hit the target, an archer has to maintain correct body and eye postures, as well as observe the proper way of positioning the bow.

Two styles practiced by an archer in arrow shooting are the sight shooting and the instinctive shooting. Instinctive shooting requires the archer to totally focus on…

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