Archery Lapel Pins For Your Own Club or Competition

Archery is the art, practice, or skill of shooting arrows with the help of a bow.  The bow itself is said to have been invented in the late Paleolithic or early Mesolithic periods.  The sport of Archery was revived in the Eighteenth Century by Royal patronage and archery societies founded by Sir Walter Scott which were set up across the country.  Each society had its own strict entry criteria, outlandish costumes, and extravagant balls.

Today’s archery clubs are just as memorable even though they are less flashy than those of the past.  Lapel pins are custom in nature which makes them a fitting item to hand out at competitions and club meetings.  Not only are they created from quality materials, they are crafted with extreme care so that they are long lasting.

To Signify Membership At Competitions and Club Meetings

Clubs want to encourage new members to join.  One of the ways that they do just that is through the use of custom lapel pins.  When a man or a woman becomes an archer, they are given a welcome packet that contains important information about the club.

The folder can include sheets of paper outlining dates of meetings and tournaments, a brief history of the club, contact numbers of leaders, and a custom lapel pin.  This small gesture of kindness keeps new members informed and makes them feel like an important part of the group.

Another Item to Display Your Team Logo On

Custom archery lapel pins are a great way to seamlessly display your team logo.  You can wear them on various articles of clothing as well as hats.  You can even attach them to bags as a way to further brand your club. People will learn to associate the logo with your team and later your accomplishments.

Unique Shapes Add to Appeal of Custom Lapel Pins

As you can see from the lapel pin pictured here, you can come up with any unique shape that works for your team and competition.  The arrowhead pin is the same price as other 1″ pins.  You are not charged extra because of the…

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