Archery Bow Sights Help You Shoot Accurately

Archery is a high powered sport that demands accurate shooting. An archery bow sight is a crucial tool to help the archer shoot accurately. Archers have used sights for a long time both for hunting and sport to help get accurate shots. Both sporting factions have their favorite archery bows and hunting bows as well as  sights that suit their needs.

More and more archery bows and bows sights are refined by technology. You can buy them that range from simple peep sights and green dot sights to pin sights that are adjustable and laser technology to pinpoint you target.

Different Archery Bow Sights

Peep sights operate with a small hole in a ring to narrow your vision onto your target. While laser archery sights gives you a laser beam to follow straight to your target.

Pin Archery Sights

Pin archery sights work with a series of pins that give an accurate sight point when aligned correctly. There are many pin archery  sights, one example I like is the Truglo Range Rover.  It’s more compact than other single pin sights with glow-in -the-dark yardage tape to help you take aim in low light levels.

You might also want to check out the Boss Hogg pins sights from Spot Hogg. Their archery sights range from single pin  sights to the impressive Seven Deadly Pin which gives you precision and unfailing reliability with seven individually micro-adjustable fiber optic pins.

Green Dot Archery Sights

Green dot archery sights use a green dot instead of crosshairs to line up the target like the Truglo Powerdot Archery Green Dot Sight. Use these archery  sights for hunting bows and are they versatile enough all other archery bows.

Fiber Optic Sights

Then there are the fiber optic sights such as Truglo’s pendulum bow sight which locks into place or can automatically compensate your sight  for shots over 35 yards. This bow sight is versatile and has extra long protected fibers and dual pin rails for precision sight alignment.

Choosing a Bow Sight

The type of bow sight you choose…

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