Aquent and Vitamin T Announce Relaunch of MyAquent Talent Management System

Aquent and Vitamin T are pleased to announce the relaunch of its newly upgraded MyAquent talent management system, an online platform that supports the full talent cycle—from workforce planning and streamlined hiring processes to freelancer management, budgeting, and cost management.

Aquent president Cheryl King said, “Our new MyAquent talent management system makes it easier for clients to source and retain top digital, creative, and marketing talent. Using a proprietary technology fueled by the human intelligence of our staff, we’re helping our customers deliver digital, creative, and marketing that drives growth.” She added that the new system lets clients easily review the status of talent searches, approve timecards, see freelancer availability in real time, and more.

According to Vitamin T president Susie Hall, “We’re thrilled to join the skills of our local staff with the powerful technology our customers need to source and manage talent. By partnering with our clients to gain insights, we’ve created a unique digital experience fueled by robust data insights to help clients hire better talent faster.” Hall also said that the system will complement the outstanding service the staffing companies have provided to their customers for over 30 years.

Key features of MyAquent include access to ready-to-go pools of freelancers to help clients plan ahead, the ability to hire faster with full visibility to milestones of candidate searches, simplified ways to engage freelancers on assignment for online timecards and feedback, and the capability to review spend and use real data to budget and manage costs. The easy-to-use interface greatly streamlines both talent hiring and management.

For each step of this improved functionality, customers are able to view proprietary data and insights for all candidates, from real-time availability and online profiles to actual employer reviews and ratings. For in-demand skill sets such as user experience, front end development, and digital marketing, profiles include detailed write-ups from subject matter experts as part of their unique independent assessment program.

While resumes are included, these additional data points go beyond the resume to provide deep insights for candidates, vetted…

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