Aptech’s Execuvue® Delivers Next-Day Portfolio Analysis for Multiproperty Operators

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We let Aptech build several individual reports for us with unusual metrics like T/A fees as a percentage of revenue for hotels and across our portfolio. Once Aptech creates them, the reports reside on our system with easy pull-down functionality.

Accurate, next day financial reporting is essential for proactive profitability-focused operators. Comprehensive operations reports with dynamic drill down capability are like headlights that examine the factors that impact performance. They show managers and owners where their business is, how it got there, and illuminate what they need to change to make it better.

“TPG Hotels & Resorts operates a portfolio of more than 50 hotels nationwide. Understanding what drives our profitability is essential,” said Michael Brown, VP – business intelligence for TPG. “We use an Execuvue Hospitality Business Intelligence (BI) system to generate a variety of reports that detail expenses and revenue sources by property and brand.” TPG’s evaluation compares every aspect of hotel performance. “Execuvue reports let us benchmark each property against others within its brand for comparisons that spotlight specific expenses that are outside nominal performance. Once we identify these exceptions we can reduce the specific costs before they impact property performance.”

Execuvue hospitality business intelligence also features an ad hoc report tool that lets TPG create custom company reports with percentage and dollar measurements that show 10 key metrics over the past five years compared to revenue. The ad hoc tool lets users manipulate items in their database to identify and understand potential problems and changes within the business.

“By looking at our historic expense trends on one page we can forecast where they will be in the coming year,” Brown said. “We use many standard Execuvue reports. I also create our own custom reports and dashboards on the fly. Our EOM numbers are essential and I generate them as needed at the touch of a button to evaluate performance of properties and our entire portfolio.” TPG Hotels & Resorts is a top-ranked hospitality management company and fully accredited operator of the…

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