Applied Concepts, Inc., Introduces Stalker CopTrax Model S Body-Worn Camera, Purpose-Built for Demanding Law Enforcement Applications

CopTrax Model S body-worn camera

“Our goal in designing the Model S was to make the most advanced video camera technology instantly and reliably available to law enforcement,” Russell Kautz, Chief Technology Officer.

Applied Concepts, Inc. proudly introduces its Stalker CopTrax™ Model S body-worn camera, purpose built for demanding law enforcement applications. The Model S combines state-of-the-art video capture with durability and ease of use that leads the industry.

In addition to crystal-clear video images, the Model S provides exceptional battery life and automatic, hands-off evidence upload along with a single “start/stop” button, which guarantees reliability and ease of use the first time and every time.

“Our goal in designing the Model S was to make the most advanced video camera technology instantly and reliably available to law enforcement at the touch of a button. In this regard, we have exceeded our projections,” said Russell Kautz, ACI’s Chief Technology Officer.

The Model S, with up to 11 hours of continuous recording on a single charge, offers an array of features so simple and easy to use that it can be deployed the same day it is delivered. Whether your department needs a single camera part time, or hundreds of cameras working together 24/7, the Model S coupled with the included CopTrax™ Body Camera Device Manager, easily classifies, tags, stores, archives, and distributes all video evidence in a completely secure environment, guarantying a verifiable chain of custody that will satisfy even the most demanding judge. Unlike some others offering body-worn cameras, ACI does not control where and how you store your data. ACI works with your department to find the most economical and reliable data storage solution, whether that is your existing server infrastructure, an existing account with a CJIS-certified cloud network, or a newly created CJIS-certified Microsoft Azure Cloud storage account managed by ACI on your behalf.

Features that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without include automatic event upload, pre- and post-event recording, infrared LEDs, 128° field of view, 32Gb storage, HD 1080p resolution, and IP65 standard dust and water proofing.

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