Apple Music deletes user's entire library – here's how to stop it happening to you

People signed up to Apple Music have reported that Apple has deleted their music libraries, replacing the content with Apple Music versions of tracks.  

One user recently opened iTunes to find all of their music had been deleted – not just from iTunes, but also from their hard drive. James Pinkstone, an author for the blog Vellum Atlanta, claimed to have lost 122 GB of music files from his laptop after he subscribed to Apple Music. 

Pinkstone’s music was replaced with Apple Music versions of the files, which he could stream through Wi-Fi and save offline to his devices.

He was appalled to find that some of the Apple Music tracks weren’t the same as his original files. For example, a rare recording of Fountain of Wayne’s “I’ll do the driving” was replaced with a widely available one.

Apple had also deleted music that Pinkstone had composed, converting the WAV files into MP3 or AAC formats before uploading them to the iCloud Music Library. 

To make matters worse for Pinkstone, when a user unsubscribes from Apple Music they can access the files, online and offline, for just 30 days before losing access completely. 

The “iCloud Music Library is turned on automatically when you set up your Apple Music Subscription,” read the Apple iTunes Terms of Use. “When your Apple Music Subscription term ends, you will lose access to any songs stored in your iCloud Music Library.”

Luckily for Pinkstone, he had backed his music up to an external hard drive.

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