Apple iPhone 4S to confront another court case for false Siri advertisement

It has been a month when Apple Co. had faced Los Angeles District court in regards with false ads promoted upon Siri application of iPhone 4S. Siri- voice based command recognition software was introduced in iPhone 4S version of the Apple and its promotion and advertisement level showed its vast significance for users. However, the moment of truth came to light when a New York based user, in March, purchased the handset and realized that the application does not work how it was shown in ads.

This time the same has been repeated with the consumer of California, David Jones. When he was not able to utilize the functionality of Siri, filed a case against Apple, along with its representative David Bower. The problems that Plaintiff viz. Jones faced with Siri feature of Apple iPhone is not different from the issues faced by the last complainer. When Plaintiff tried to figure out a location or mark a business using Siri voice command, Siri was either not able to read and understand the command or provided with incorrect answer after keeping on hold for long time.

Plaintiff directly claims that how Siri is working in hands is not how it was described or demonstrated in the ads and neither as per senior vice president of iOS software, Scott Forstall’s statement during its campaigning. According to Scott’s words Siri was portrayed as the most effective voice recognizing software which works and acts upon verbal instructions provided by the user. He also stated that one can find a numerous devices which can understand human’s words, but Siri in incomparable in the feature that Siri also acts and completes the tasks for the users.

Adding to the complain, David (Jones) also claims that Apple had not outlined that Siri software is in beta, and the company intentionally kept the info in quite diminished prints. Besides the New York and California based complainers, there was one more moaner of Siri, Steve Wozniak. Steve, in January had alleged that Siri is not functioning…

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