Anyaele Sam Chiyson`s Seven Laws of Distinctive Competence For a Leader Who Leads in the Wisdom Age

In the wisdom age, you must have the divine sagacity to know what to do with knowledge imparted and information acquired, by combining them with purpose and proven principles. You can empower yourself with specialized and specific knowledge that is full of discovery and flexibility that enable you get smarter, wiser and even wealthy. You must have distinctive competency that a king can use as a service for a king’s ransom and raise kings who can lead in the wisdom age – you must have strategic advantage to lead in the wisdom age.

Here are the laws that will help you have strategic advantage in your leadership, in the wisdom age.

Law #1

A leader who gets the hang and drift of the word: skulduggery does not effectuate or perpetuate debauchery, treachery, or trickery. A leader build trust that is as strong as character and competence which are the bed rock of all celebrated and irrevocable attainment. You must have financial, human and technological asset; you must acquire skills that enable you motivate yourself always towards living the upward and forward life, and having good reputation.

Law #2

A Leader who could do with making a difference should make himself or herself a master of change and go a change so that, a result of such change will change society at large. Largely, the change that is the name of the game at this time is the change that enables, enlightens, enriches and empowers a large number of people in general. Let your capabilities be full of back-up supply that is full of perfection and excellence.

Law #3

A leader who effectively locate eternally assigned destiny is a Leader who effectively lead. His metier makes a mark that cannot be mark down and his legacy put into writing his memoir for men and women to memorialize all their born days. Great leaders do not kick up their heels, they do not meet their end in view of the fact that they get the drift and hang of the principles of leadership. Be unique in all you do, and increase your distinctive…

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