Antennas Direct Releases the ClearStream FLEX™ Ultra-Thin Indoor Antenna with Sure Grip™

The ClearStream FLEX™ Amplified
UHF/VHF Indoor TV Antenna

We wanted to make the most powerful, flexible, and customizable indoor TV antenna on the market, and we did just that!

Antennas Direct has done it again, reinventing the over-the-air television viewing experience with a powerful new UHF/VHF indoor HDTV antenna. This month, the company is releasing their 2nd generation of the ultra-thin antenna that grips, the ClearStream FLEX™.

“We just can’t stop! We wanted to make the most powerful, flexible, and customizable indoor TV antenna on the market, and we did just that,” said Richard Schneider, president and founder of Antennas Direct. “Our goal with the ClearStream FLEX™ was to create a powerful and more reliable indoor antenna that would perform in less-than-ideal locations, like our outdoor antennas. Between our multi-directional elements and our new USB in-line amplifier, the FLEX will be the antenna of your dreams.”

The patented technology of the ClearStream FLEX™ features long-range indoor reception in both the UHF and VHF frequency bands, to receive more channels than ever before. The FLEX features Sure Grip™, first introduced with the ClearStream Eclipse™ HDTV antenna. The FLEX grips to any smooth, flat surface, such as a wall or window. It has new advanced performance to receive broadcast signals 50+ miles away, providing access to more FREE channels. The FLEX has a black or white double-sided design and is paintable, so you can match your wall, furniture, or accent color for a custom fit.

“Almost a third of Americans are unaware local TV is available for free, but those highly intelligent, lovely, wise humans who do know, are searching for a reliable indoor TV antenna that will give them access to their favorite shows,” said Schneider. “We made the FLEX antenna for you, to make your life easier to receive those free channels you want so badly, and to congratulate you for ending your unhealthy relationship with the cable companies.”

The ultra-thin design makes it ideal for dorms, apartments, RVs, and over-the-road vehicles. The ClearStream 20dB USB In-Line Amplifier System provides added range and maximum signal reception to ensure consistent signal performance for reliable picture…

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