Anna Faris Crying Nonstop Over Chris Pratt Is A Rumor

There’s been seemingly endless gossip since “Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt and “Mom” actress Anna Faris announced they were breaking up, but most of it isn’t true. One tabloid claimed Faris was crying nonstop over the split. However, Gossip Cop, the website the regularly debunks celebrity rumors, reported the rumor was nothing more than tabloid fodder.

“Anna has been crying daily since the split,” an insider told Hollywood Gossip Wednesday, adding, “[She] is leaning heavily on her family for support during this difficult time.”

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As for Pratt, he was apparently looking for help from his pals. “Chris has turned to some of his closer guy friends, who have been through similar situations, for advice and guidance,” the source explained.

One of the rumors is that Pratt cheated with “Passengers” co-star Jennifer Lawrence. Though Hollywood Gossip said that wasn’t the case, writing: “Infidelity was not an issue in the split between Chris and Anna, who are dealing with their separation as amicably as possible.”

Anna Faris admitted she was threatened by Chris Pratt’s “Passengers” co-star Jennifer Lawrence. Above, the former couple is pictured March 2, 2011 in Los Angeles. Photo: Getty Images

They are apparently trying to remain kind to each other. “They still talk daily and are on good terms, not vicious, mad or angry at each other like so many high-profile divorces,” the source said. “They are taking a page out of Gwyneth and Chris Martin’s book and are trying to be as good to each other as possible as they begin to move forward with the divorce paperwork.”

Gossip Cop, however, wrote the story was nonsense. The website devoted a paragraph to slamming the fabricated story.

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“…Gossip Cop was assured no one close to either star was talking about such matters with a fabrication factory such as HollywoodLies,” they wrote Thursday. “But the webloid is apparently content to mislead people in the name of traffic. By pretending to have original content related to Faris and Pratt’s separation, the site is trying to attract the attention of not just fans on social media, but also score clicks through search engine results. It’s very deceptive, and that’s why Gossip Cop tries to point it out whenever possible.”

Pratt took to Facebook Sunday to announce his marriage was over….

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