Angela Gheorghiu In The Deep Sea



The night was dark upon the beach that evening. It being of such darkness as to provide one with the image that light did not exist upon the earth apart from what stars and moon yielded yet in all silhouettes become all the more clear. It being as if moonlight could trace in silver that which it struck to highlight its form in the luminosity of magnificence.

The night was also one of sound in which wave after wave struck the beach with repetitive resonance of advancing to return with equal force on to land yet soothing was its rhythm. As if attempting to bring about in souls the tranquility which often leads to slumber or the contemplation of that which is beyond contact with the sense of sight. This prompting my ideas to envision my Angela Georghiu in all our activities which had comprised not only the touch of our flesh upon the others but the mingling of our emotions; as to make all senses take flight in fantasy of all they felt.

Yes, Angela Gheorghiu and I had been lovers for some time and though this nobody but her and I knew; ours was one of total desire. It being driven by almost fierce longing to simply devour upon the other in all forms permitted by the laws of nature to not only body but emotions, mind, spirit and all that comprise the human being. How long I waited I remember not yet time did not pass in despair for there was something soothing about simply being amongst the waves of the sea which filled my hopes even beyond that which I had arrived with.

As for Angela and I, though we had been involved in acts of carnality never had she encountered me upon occasion on which I was not expected. All of which making this the very first time such an appointment would take place. Angela would be in complete ignorance of my intensions until they as well as my hands were upon her body like the heat of the night itself. The thought even filled my mind with glee as visions forced themselves upon my imagination as did the mist of evening upon this very…

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