Andy Weir follows up the huge success of ‘The Martian’ with his new novel ‘Artemis’ – Orange County Register

For Andy Weir, the wild success of his debut novel “The Martian,” which went from self-published to best seller, and then a blockbuster movie, seemed to set the bar for his next book somewhere in outer space.

“It was way harder,” Weir says. “The pressure, of course, and fear of impostor syndrome to worry about: ‘OK, am I going to release a dud now?’ Are people going to be, ‘Oh, he had one good book in him and that was it?’

“I don’t want people to be 20 years from now, ‘Oh, Andy Weir wrote a bunch of books, but “The Martian” is the only good one,’” he says. “So yes, it was constantly on my mind.”

But Weir needn’t worry, for the just-published “Artemis” arrived recently to strong reviews and debuted this week at No. 6 on the New York Times list of hardcover fiction best sellers. A heist caper set in Artemis, the first city on the moon, it has the same kind of suspense and humor atop a foundation of smart science that made “The Martian” such a success.

We reached Weir in Seattle, at the start of a book tour that brings him to…

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