An Introduction to the Town of Tadley

Located in the county of Hampshire England, Tadley is a small town and a civil parish. It lies next to the border of Hampshire County in the North where it meets Berkshire. It is at an approximate distance of around 10 miles to the South West of Reading, 10 miles to the South East of Newbury and 6 miles to the North of Basingstoke. There are many villages which are located near the town of Tadley. The prominent ones include Mortimer Common, Pamber Heath, Baughurst, Heath End, Bramley and Silchester. Ground transportation facilities at Tadley are easy to be found. Tadley taxi rental, private car hire, coaches and buses are found without a hassle.

The taxis are found at highly affordable and economical rates around the town of Tadley. Aside from Tadley taxi booking and private car hire facilities, if you wish to travel by train from Tadley, you will find rail stations in the nearby areas at short distances. Tadley does not have its own rail station but the local government plans to inaugurate the town’s own railway station soon in order to meet the emerging needs of the town. The nearby railway stations can be found at Bramley 8.0 km to the South East of Tadley, Aldermaston 6.4 km to the North and Basingstoke which is 9.7 km towards the South of Tadley.

All kinds of basic shopping facilities easily available at the town of Tadley with small shops and one big supermarket however, the shopping lovers like to go to Basingstoke, Reading and Newbury which are large towns situated near the boundary of Tadley. The local government of Tadley is striving to increase the shopping facilities and build new shopping malls and commercial zones in order to meet the needs of the growing population of Tadley. Tadley taxis can be easily found in all commercial areas therefore shopping in the locality can be managed easily. The small specialist shops in the town of Tadley depict the culture and history of the town.

The town of Tadley was a village like area in the past but it has…

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