An Inspiration to Make America United Again

Park of America World’s Largest Flag

Park Of AmericaWhere Every Day Is Independence Day

Each star will be 11.5 stories high, and each stripe 14 stories high, on the 1,869.48-foot by 3552-foot Old Glory that will rest on a 77-story inclined plain, called Flag Mountain, in the new Park of America (POA). Just in time for Independence Day, Terrance W. Sachetti, of Minneapolis, is calling all who love America to take part in this historic endeavor, driven to complete the flag in time for the nation’s 250th year as a sovereign county, in 2026. It will be a cornerstone in this education and entertainment park, which will contain attractions like a 3200-foot scale model of the U.S., complete with landmarks, and the amazing Soul of America.

When asked why he is moved to build, Sachetti said, “The time is long overdue for a monument to honor all Americans – the real cogs in this great experiment we call America – who have relentlessly contributed to building the strongest and most free nation in the world.” In a time of inner turmoil for the nation, he believes this vision will unite and inspire.

Visitors will be encouraged to walk through the one-foot to one-mile scale representation of the nation. Strolling through this 160-acer, topographically correct map, they can view models of natural and man-made features unique to individual states. Sachetti wants residents from each state to have input in the development of their part in the map.

The heart of the POA will be the Soul of America building. A cutting-edge concept, this five-story, star shaped monument will be a repository for the memories of America. Participants will be allowed to upload videos and writings about themselves, to preserve their story for generations to…

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