An Employee Engagement Software, Epic, Powered by Clarity Wave, Rebrands Itself as the “employee Experience Company”

Epic Powered by Clarity Wave

I’m a big fan of Clarity Wave. People spend 40+ hours/week at their job and if those hours can be happier, people will be more productive and companies will add more to their bottom line. People. Clarity Wave. Must have.

EPIC, Employee Perceived Image of the Company® is a web-based software that allows both employees and employers to evaluate each other from a cultural, collaborative, environmental and needs perspective. The robust software includes enhanced features that allow for a Manager to assess an employee’s perception of the company, their colleagues and their environment. The data gathered is compiled in real time and kept in a clean, easy to use dashboard within EPIC. EPIC has the intelligence to decipher the Employee Experience based on peer to peer feedback and a four-pronged Evaluations Model which gathers information from the employer and employees. This Evaluation Model allows the Employer and Employee to view questions and answers in real time from different perspectives from the company & the employee. The employer sees how the employee feels about the company and other individuals while the employee sees how the people he or she works with feel about them, providing them with valuable insights and feedback. The science behind EPIC is quite innovative for the Human Resource world.

“The science behind EPIC is what makes our software stand apart from others in the market. After listening to our clients’ success stories – we discovered quickly that EPIC is much more than just employee engagement. It’s more about the employee’s overall experience and the journey they go through. We are excited with our new Brand Promise and look forward to spreading our innovative software solution”, states Alex Moutal, President and Co-founder of Clarity Wave.

To take a tour of EPIC, powered by Clarity Wave by visiting the website. Users can also book Live Demos to review the software along with the needs of the company. We encourage future users to review the SCIENCE behind EPIC to understand our approach to the Employee Experience.

About Clarity Wave

Clarity Wave is the Employee Experience Company. We specialize in bringing employees and employers…

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