An Easy guide to Aid the Selection of a Gorgeous Diamond Necklace

You commonly hear phrases like ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friends’ and ‘You can’t go wrong with a diamond’. However, picking out a diamond is not as easy as it is made out to be. There are a number of things that have to be kept in mind, while selecting one and judging by the size of the investment, it is advisable to think everything through before actually making the purchase. 

Men put in a lot of thought into selecting an engagement ring because it is a symbol of their love and affection. They fall over catalogs for weeks before finally picking one ring. The same effort should be put in while buying any kind of jewelry. Shimmering earrings, gorgeous diamond pendant or sparkling tennis bracelets, every one of these ornaments are purchased out of love. Hence, it is important to do the necessary research, to make sure you pick out the perfect trinket to reflect your true feelings.


While selecting a diamond necklace, you have a number of differs options when it comes to shape and design of the pendant. A popular option is a single solitaire diamond. Other choices include heart shaped or cross pendants. It is important to select a stone that looks beautiful, but at the same time, it should also be a good quality diamond.            

Here is a summary of the four C’s of diamond shopping that will help you pick out a quality stone:


1.  Color: Diamonds generally have a slight grey, brown or yellow ting to it. A colorless diamond without any blemishes is very rare and thus, very expensive. While selecting a diamond it is important to keep the color in mind. In order to differentiate between shades, the stones are universally graded according to color. Grade D stones are absolutely colorless, only 1% of the total diamonds in the world come under this grade. E-F grade stones are considered colorless because, they have a slight color which is not visible to the naked eye. G-H-I grades offer great value for money and are considered near-colorless. J grade stones are the least expensive in the near-colorless range while, K-Z, have noticeable shades of yellow and grey and are generally used in alternative jewelry.


2.  Clarity: This is one of the main factors that are used to determine the price of the stone. There are six different clarity grades that aim at identifying natural inclusions on the surface of the stone. They range from FL-IF flawless diamonds to I1 graded stones, which have inclusions that are clearly visible to the…

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