‘America’s Got Talent’ semifinals recap: Singers underwhelm compared to everyone else

It’s down to the wire on this season of “America’s Got Talent” as the semifinals kick off to whittle the crop of performers down to just 5 finalists.

All 11 acts gave it their all on stage with singers, magicians and more trying to impress both the judges and the American voting public. Things kicked off with 9-year-old diva Celine Tam. Spurred on by her quest for fame and her desire to meet her idol, Celine Dion, she took the stage for a much more musical performance from the film “Moana.” Simon loved her, but Mel B felt that the song overpowered her and didn’t give her a chance to showcase her voice. Fortunately, Simon and the crowd seemed thoroughly on Tam’s side.

After that, things took a turn for the surreal with the odd detective act that is Colin Cloud. Last week, he was told that his performance was a bit too convoluted and lacked showmanship. This week, he compensated by adding more levity and action to his performance, but didn’t get any less complicated. Fortunately, it worked in his favor.

On September 7th, the performer asked fans on Twitter to suggest a celebrity, city and object. He gave each audience member a card with some replies to said tweet. Out of literally a quadrillion potential options, he had the judges select just the one that he wanted. And, to prove that he wasn’t just making it up, he disguised himself for a week and stood in the background of the judge’s interviews and even stalked Howie Mandel at lunch, with signs predicting the winner. That, coupled with jokes like him being the evil twin of Neil Patrick Harris, earned him his highest marks from the judges yet.

Christian Giordano took the stage next. Another singer, he opted for a more stripped down performance that showcased his voice and got the judges on their feet. Mel B was his biggest proponent saying that he should be put through immediately to the next round. However, the singers were really coming out to play tonight, as he was closely followed by the group In The…

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