‘America’s Got Talent’ recap: Singers soften a tough judge’s panel

It’s all come down to this, the final round of judge cuts on “America’s Got Talent.” With 20 acts competing for the seven remaining spots, the judges were more unforgiving than ever before.

This week, to help the judges break any ties in their final decision, Grammy award-winning performer, and ex husband to Hedi Klum, Seal joined the panel. In addition to helping decide who is going to go through to the next round, he was gifted the highly coveted Golden Buzzer, which he used to send one unsuspecting act to the next round without debate. However, it wasn’t exactly a night of positivity as there were significantly more negative buzzes than anything else.

The night started off strong, with the young dancing duo Artyon and Paige. They got things going, but it wasn’t exactly the giant show opener that the judges needed to get them in the mood to see some talent. The musical a cappella group from the U.S. military, In the Stairwell came next. They received a tepid response from the panel in their first audition, and while they showed marked improvement, the night needed a big win. Sadly, it would be awhile before it came.


Seal, with the help of a moody Simon Cowell, cut down a couple more singers before the magicians took the stage. Visualist Will Tsai went first. Simon called his one of the best acts they’d seen this year, but that acclaim was short lived. Tsai took the stage and failed to top his first performance and Simon let him know it.

Just when it looked like things were impossible for any performer, young Henry Richardson took the stage for some closeup card tricks. While magically putting a card inside a Pop-Tart is impressive in its own right, it’s the young man’s charm and stage presence that really won over the judges. Thanks to him, the night was saved… for the magicians at…

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