American Workers Care About the Well-Being of Their Employers Yet Lack Critical Insight into Business Performance

An overwhelming majority (75 percent) of American workers care a great deal about the overall business performance of their employer, but very few lack the full insight that leads to increased motivation and engagement. This is according to The Business Performance and Buy-In Report, released today by Kimble Applications, a global leader in professional services automation, which analyzed the attitudes of full-time employees throughout the U.S. related to the health and long-term outlook of the organizations they work for now and in the future.

Glaring Need for More Transparency

While it is encouraging that a full three-quarters of American workers care deeply about the well-being of their employer, only 23 percent say that they have full insight into how their organizations are actually doing. This indicates that business leaders could be far more transparent with their workforce and are failing to capitalize on this widespread dedication and interest.

Many employees did not have knowledge of several of their organization’s key business metrics despite clearly having a strong desire for this information – 65 percent did not know their employer’s revenue, 70 percent did not have a clear understanding of both profit and financial forecasts and 74 percent did not know the headcount.

This lack of full transparency has brought about trust-related issues amongst a surprisingly high number of suspicious workers – a concerning sign for organizations looking to bolster engagement. Nearly half (46 percent) of employees said that they were not confident that the information provided by their employer regarding the overall health of the business is a fair representation of reality.

Sharing Leads to Caring

Employers may want to rethink their information-sharing practices, as the report indicates that it could have a direct impact on the production, development and morale of their workforce. Nearly a third (31 percent) of employees said that more transparency regarding the overall health of the business would allow them to better understand their employer’s goals and nearly a quarter (23 percent) said that it would cause them to be more motivated. Additionally, more than one in 10 respondents said that they’d perform better (17 percent), take on more of a leadership role (16 percent) and would be less…

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