American Resources Corporation Provides Mining Reclamation and Environmental Update

Quest Reclamation

“This is another example of how we look to explore all options when trying to find new solutions to solving problems and saving money, without sacrificing safety, environmental, or quality standards,” stated Kirk Taylor

American Resources Corporation (OTCQB: AREC), through its wholly owned subsidiaries Quest Energy Inc., McCoy Elkhorn Coal, Deane Mining and Knott County Coal, is making significant progress on the company’s plan to complete reclamation and reduce environmental liabilities. Through its ongoing evaluation of idled and active operations, the company has identified numerous opportunities to efficiently execute reclamation work and reduce its environmental impact, thereby reducing its costs and liabilities while also providing a benefit to the local community.

Since acquiring three operating subsidiaries, McCoy Elkhorn Coal, Deane Mining, and Knott County Coal in 2015 and 2016, Quest Energy has established two in-house reclamation, maintenance and development crews to perform such work, rather than operating under the existing outsourced models. This has enabled Quest Energy to perform efficient and responsible land reclamation that could have potentially otherwise fallen back to the state of Kentucky. Through its restructuring efforts, Quest Energy has not only completed work that allows for bond release, but has also worked with the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Department of Natural Resources to potentially identify certain permitted areas that may have a better use for the local community.

In conjunction with Quest Energy’s internal Environmental Team, the company has also been able to reduce permit maintenance costs, such as through various unnecessary pond removals and a more efficient Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Testing schedule, in conjunction with various local, state, and federal approvals. Furthermore, through the efforts of technologies, reclamation and identifying vendor savings, Quest Energy has been able to significantly reduce its chemical treatment costs at various treatment sites by over 68% from pre-acquisition levels.

“This is another example of how we look to explore all options when trying to find new solutions to solving problems and…

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