American Farmer Uncovers Innovative New Solutions to Nitrogen Loss

Studies have shown that with a nitrification inhibitor, up to three times more nitrogen is available to the plant…

The award-winning producers behind the American Farmer series proudly announce a collaboration with Koch Agronomic Services (Koch) to feature new innovations aimed at helping farmers solve the problem of nitrogen loss. The upcoming episode is scheduled to broadcast first quarter 2018. American Farmer airs Tuesdays at 8:30aET on RFD-TV. Check your local listings for more info.

As a global leader in enhanced efficiency fertilizer technologies, Koch focuses on finding solutions that maximize plant performance and minimize environmental impact. This segment will focus on nitrogen loss – the various processes by which nitrogen moves away from a plant’s root zone – and solutions, including a Koch-developed nitrification inhibitor currently being reviewed by the EPA.

“Due to many conditions outside farmers’ control, as much as half of applied nitrogen becomes unavailable for plant uptake,” says Dr. Greg Schwab, director of agronomy with Koch Agronomic Services. “Studies have shown that with a nitrification inhibitor, up to three times more nitrogen is available to the plant. With Koch’s next-generation nitrification inhibitor CENTURO™, growers will be able to better protect their nitrogen and increase their output. We look forward to adding CENTURO to our product offering upon completion of the registration process.”

Through this segment, viewers will learn about the promising research results from studies conducted by land-grant universities across the Midwest during the seven-year development phase for CENTURO. Additionally, American Farmer and Koch will highlight best practices and the latest innovations helping farmers make the most of their nitrogen investment.

“Nitrogen loss can drastically affect both operational efficiency and yield,” said Robert Sikich, senior producer for the American Farmer series. “We are exploring products that are available now, and innovations just around the corner that provide solutions to these pressing problems farmers face every day.”


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