Altroconsumo promotes Italian organic wines

Organic wines: how do we know about? And above all is not gold that glitters? To dispel the doubts there is Altroconsumo, the most spread Italian consumer association, whose purpose is to promote the information and the protection of the consumers.
Subject of the dispute, organic wine. The test was performed taking a sample 14 red wines produced with grapes from organic agriculture.

The result of the test has given satisfactory results: organic Italian wines not only taste good, but have a very low level of sulphites, in contrast to German wines.
Other advantages of the Italian organic wine?

  • It ‘s very popular. It ‘s very easy to find organic quality wine in the traditional wine shop as online wine shop, classical wine shop or supermarkets
  • Has an excellent value for money
  • The percentage of sulfites in it is very low. The signaling of sulphites on the label is in fact required if they exceed the concentration of 10 mg / l, as they can cause allergic reactions

The new regulation, which establishes the rules governing the production of organic wine, in force since the 1st August 2012, further reduces the rate of sulphites tolerated. If before the maximum threshold was higher, are now allowed 100 mg / l for red wines, compared to 150 mg / l for the traditional wines. These roofs are denied the Germans, who for reasons of climate can maintain high levels of sulfur dioxide.

The 14 wines analyzed by Altroconsumo have given good results: only two wines were a little below the maximum threshold while the other stood at an under 70 mg / L.
In the laboratory were also analyzed the alcohol content, total acidity and acidity in part, the presence of pesticides and the ratio of free sulfur dioxide and total sulfur. All these parameters were all positive.

Also good taste test: passed with flying colors concerning the best Italian wines

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