ALP Nutrition Announces Carnitin® Now Available on Multiple Platforms

“We want to help people of all backgrounds and people at all stages in their health and fitness journeys to achieve their goals,” said Dr. Schnorr. “ALP Carnitin® is just one of the tools we are using to accomplish this, and we are thrilled that it is now much more widely available.”

ALP Nutrition®, a German company that develops a line of high-quality liquid food supplements, announced its product ALP Carnitin® is now available for purchase on a wide variety of digital platforms.

Among the websites that currently carry ALP Carnitin® are,,, and The product is just one example of ALP’s ability to create supplements using only ingredients sourced from the Swiss Alps. The plant-based supplements feature organically grown ingredients, and help users to achieve their specific health and wellness goals while helping them to live a more active lifestyle.

“Being overweight may significantly reduce a person’s wellbeing and performance, and ALP Carnitin® helps people on calorie-restricted diets to still stay active,” said Dr. Oliver Schnorr of ALP Nutrition®. “We are thrilled to be able to provide this wonderful product on so many different sales platforms online to help people who are watching their wait maintain healthy L-carnitin levels while venturing out and getting the exercise they need to achieve their health and fitness goals.”

Fighting against too much body weight causes a lot of stress on the body, and can lead to a lack of L-carnitin and other essential vitamins. ALP Carnitin® was designed to vfill those nutritional gaps. This pure form of L-carnitin found in the supplement plays a major role in fat metabolism. As a vitamin-like substance, it transports fatty acids in the body to mitochondria in the cells, where they are then metabolized (turned into energy).

Numerous studies have demonstrated that L-carnitin, in conjunction with regular exercise, has a positive effect on the transportation of these fatty acids and the metabolic process as a whole. The liquid form in which the supplement comes, as well as its optimized nutrient mixture and high nutrient bioavailability, ensures the best effects possible.

“We want to help…

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