Almost half of UK parents would hire a private tutor for their child, according to new data from Tutors.Jobs.

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A traditional classroom environment doesn’t suit everyone. Over 40% of UK parents surveyed would consider private tuition, if the price was right.”

According to a new survey of over 1,500 people, conducted by the new online resource for tutors, tutoring companies, and their clients, over 40% of UK parents would be open to considering private tuition for their children, if the price was right.

The data collected was largely unchanged when filtered by demographics, with 45% of women and 40% of men surveyed giving a positive response. The most receptive age demographic of those surveyed was the 45-54 category (at 47%). By contrast, 33% of total respondents indicated that they would not consider private tutoring, with a further 23% stating that tutoring was not applicable to their current situation.

Founders of Tutors.Jobs recognised the new data as being reflective of the growing demand for private tutoring in the UK, and explained why tutoring is becoming a realistic option for many more families in recent years:

“There are many different private tutoring scenarios that can be beneficial to all kinds of families, from after-school support and exam prep – which may account for the positive response among the higher age category, who are likely to have teenaged children – to full-time tutoring to help with SEN or accommodate family travel plans. One of the reasons we set up Tutors.Jobs was to bring more clients together with tutors that fit with their own individual needs. More families than ever are recognising the value of one-to-one learning,”

These benefits include a bespoke curriculum, geographical flexibility, and the ability to tailor lessons and learning activities to the individual needs, talents, and challenges of the student. One-to-one academic mentorship can also inspire and encourage children who are lacking in confidence, disappointed with exam results, and those who are withdrawn and disinterested in a traditional classroom environment.

Tutors.Jobs founders continued:

“A traditional classroom environment doesn’t suit everyone, and there have been many cases of children who have rediscovered a love of learning thanks to a one to one attention from an exceptional educator. As…

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