ALL’s Petition to Secretary Price: Approve Texas Medicaid Waiver

American Life League

This is the one action Planned Parenthood is afraid Pro-life Americans will take right now.

Texas will file by the end of June a Medicaid waiver request to the Department of Health and Human Services to obtain Medicaid funding for its state-funded Healthy Texas Women program. The object of the waiver is to receive the funds without requiring that Planned Parenthood be a part of the program.

American Life League’s STOPP International program and other Pro-life advocates support the Medicaid waiver in concert with other actions taken by the Trump administration to defund Planned Parenthood. To show its support for the waiver, STOPP has issued an online petition in order to present signatures to DHHS Secretary Price by June 30.

“This is the one action Planned Parenthood is afraid Pro-life Americans will take right now,” said ALL executive director and STOPP founder, Jim Sedlak.

In recent years, Texas tried several times to defund Planned Parenthood, passing several laws to accomplish that. However, Planned Parenthood, with the support of the Obama administration, brought the state to court every time and kept its funding.

As a result, Texas refused to take the federal Medicaid money and started its own state program called the Healthy Texas Women program, using Texas taxpayer money and excluding Planned Parenthood.

The state’s upcoming request for Federal Medicaid support of its new program excludes Planned Parenthood and asks Secretary Price to approve of this with a Medicaid waiver.

“Pro-life Americans should sign our petition now so we can send strong encouragement to Secretary Price to approve the Medicaid waiver that will allow states to exclude Planned Parenthood from their federally…

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