Alliance Receives $1.5 million from The Kresge Foundation To Accelerate Nonprofit Transformation and Social Innovation

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities will receive $1.5 million from The Kresge Foundation to help the Alliance revolutionize operations of the nonprofit sector and ultimately advance the sector’s shared vision of a healthy and equitable society.

“This generous support from Kresge reflects their commitment and passion for our sector, as well as the children, adults, and families our strategic action network serves every day,” said Alliance President and CEO, Susan Dreyfus. “And just as importantly, this support serves to recognize that we are well positioned to truly mobilize the collective power of our network and—through our partnerships—the sector itself, to accelerate progress toward establishing equitable policies and systems that ultimately will strengthen families and create and support strong, healthy communities.”

Funds will be used to engage leaders from the Alliance network and beyond to create and execute innovation projects in health and human services integration, equity, and educational success. Innovation teams will establish new generative partnerships, engage in advocacy efforts, build leadership capacity for innovation, and launch and publish effective practices. Much of the preparation to shape this work is taking place during the Alliance’s fall Innovation Design Summits, with the summit on the integration of health care and human services having taken place last week; the summit on educational achievement taking place in October; and the summit on the nonprofit workforce, including workforce diversity, taking place in November. Strategic priorities and prototypes developed during the summits will serve as the groundwork for innovation that will drive change in organizations, communities, and the sector in the future.

“We are excited to support this next chapter of the Alliance as they continue their work to strengthen the human services sector and fulfill their bold vision. The Alliance’s ability to help community-based organizations evolve and deliver person-centered services significantly impacts equality of opportunity for people,” said Sandra Ambrozy, senior program officer with the foundation’s Human Services Program.

As the Alliance works to accelerate social innovation in health, equity and education, it will lead a parallel effort to…

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