Allgood Family Dentistry Invests in Leading Technology, Offers Reliable Dental Implant Placement in Midlothian, VA

Leading dental clinicians, Drs. Ashlyn Price, Autumn Mayers and Ron Adelman, now offer the latest in three-dimensional imaging technology with the VATECH PaX-i and Anatomage systems. With advanced digital images and modeling capabilities, the dentists identify all of the structures in the oral cavity so they can place dental implants precisely and restore oral health for those who are missing teeth in Midlothian, VA.

In the past, dentists took x-rays and then used messy, gel-filled trays to develop models of patients’ teeth and gums. They used these to develop a treatment plan for restoring the smile through orthodontics, dental implants or other techniques. X-ray images each show a portion of the mouth, and these must be pieced together for a full view. However, the PaX-i digital imaging system creates a single panoramic picture that captures not only the teeth, but also the jaw bone, sinus cavities and other oral structures. This makes it possible for the dentists to diagnose bite problems, tooth decay, disorders of the jaw joints and sleep apnea issues and develop a successful treatment plan. The technology also exposes patients to a much lower amount of radiation than a traditional x-ray.

When patients are missing teeth in Midlothian, VA, the dentists are able to send the highly-detailed images captured by PaX-i imaging technology to the Anatomage system, which creates a model of the mouth that includes soft tissue and airway construction. Because the posts of dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone, it is crucial for the dentist to be able to identify the location that best supports the replacement and promotes healthy bone density growth. Particularly for those who have already lost some of the integrity of the bone after tooth…

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