All you wanted to know about covert hypnosis

Covert hypnosis enables a person communicate with someone who is unconscious or subconscious without making that person notice it. This is also called conversational hypnosis as it often takes place during apparently regular conversations. The main intention is to change the behavior of the person subconsciously. In fact, when done successfully, the person who had been hypnotized does not understand if anything unusual had happened to him and remains unaware of the things happened during that period of time.

Experts are of the opinion that without knowing the fact we slip in hypnosis everyday and come out of it as well. For example we do not think about the path to choose when we drive for workplace and stop at traffic signals automatically. We do not have to think each time we follow the traffic rules. Advertisers and expert marketers make use of light cover hypnosis process to impress potential customers buy the products and services they offer.

The salesman finds out what you are looking for when you want to buy a car and then with his powerful words persuade you to buy the one that he wants to sell you. There are many cases of light hypnosis that happen in our daily life and we are unaware of all this always. Covert hypnosis helps doctors and other medical practitioner cure many problems that have deep rooted problem. However, there are some crimes and other wrong doings held with the help of this theory.

If you want to know how to detect covert hypnosis, you should keep in mind few things. Avoid focusing on the words or objects of the hypnosis that could be related to this. Use the psychological principle of distraction. Talk something unusual in between so that the hypnotist loses his concentration and gets distracted. Beware of repeated sentences or any kind of repetitive music. Remember, although there are different forms of mind control but all of them are related.

One of the oldest forms of mind control is to reciprocate or counter attack. So, if you…

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