All Traffic Solutions Launches ParkTrak Parking Counting System, Industry’s First Plug-and-Play Counting Device to Deliver Over 98% Accuracy

ParkTrak Parking Counting System, Industry’s First Plug-and-Play Counting Device

With the turnkey TraffiCloud ecosystem, parking facilities, agencies and municipalities are building their traffic management systems of the future today, says Andy Souders, All Traffic Solutions CTO and Vice President of Engineering.

All Traffic Solutions, the innovation leader in cloud-based traffic management solutions for law enforcement, intelligent transportation and smart cities announces the launch of ParkTrak, the first plug-and-play parking counting system that leverages the latest advancements in laser technology and delivers more than 98% accuracy. The device mounts on a wall, pole or ceiling in under one day without tearing up cement, asphalt or gravel lots, with simple setup including an audible beep that insures vehicles are being counted correctly.

ParkTrak uses directional logic for detection, which delivers higher accuracy than loops or cameras, and enables ParkTrak to recognize vehicles that are backing up, entering or exiting in the wrong direction or tailgating, as well as other anomalies such as pedestrians, carts and bicycles.

The device comes pre-configured for cellular connectivity with TraffiCloud™, All Traffic Solutions’ cloud-based traffic management ecosystem, so users can share parking occupancy data in real time for reporting, parker notification via variable message signs and on social networks like Twitter. ParkTrak is designed for use at entrances and exits of parking facilities and surface parking lots.

“Organizations require seamlessly integrated parking solutions that provide remote management of all their devices as well as data analytics,” said All Traffic Solutions CEO Jim Weaver. “ParkTrak…

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