All about Utility Application for Patents and More

There are a lot of particulars and fine details that one must know about patents. For those dealing with applications and software, it is important to know the difference between a utility patent and a design patent.

A utility patent protects the device and its functions and working while the design patent protects just the appearance. It is however important to know that these two do not exclude each other. In terms of the patent software, however only the former is of more importance. Software has more to do with the working and functioning rather than the appearance. A design application would be more useful for an automobile or an electronics item or gadget etc. These things would include the curves and shapes etc and hence the design application would be required.

In many cases the difference between the two is difficult to ascertain and in such cases, the utility application is of more importance. Some of the examples of the utility patent can be the following:

1. Pharmaceutical companies filing applications for new medicines and drugs.
2. New computer systems, mobile technologies, software and hardware parts.
3. New machine parts in automobiles or electronic items.

Utility patents are further divided into two parts, namely Provisional utility patents and non provisional utility patents:

1. Non Provisional Utility Patents: These applications are not temporary applications. They are also known as standard utility applications. These types of applications should include the application claim form, drawings that describe the invention and a solemn oath along with the filing fees.
2. Provisional Utility Patents: These types of patents are helpful for those inventors who cannot afford to wait for a regular patent. It is a low price patent process and they are also preferred by the companies who wish to save money in the patenting processes. Another reason for filing such an application might be the chances for changes in the invention during patenting process. It is…

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