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It used to happen around the 1950’s and 60’s that you went up to the owner of a publishing house with your original manuscript. The owner was the solo editor too in most cases. But times have changed and bringing your book to the market has become more challenging. Today if you want to be out there in the book market, and if you want to survive out there, you need a literary agent. Now the terminology might be confusing. But a literary agent is the one that evaluates your book’s potential, presents it to prospective buyers and pitches for it, negotiates a contract on your behalf and finally directs your writing career. So basically, he does everything but write the book! That’s how important a literary agent is. These days many publishing houses don’t look at manuscripts unless it is accompanied by a literary agent.

How to find literary agents in UK?

Finding the agent that is right for your needs is a time consuming job, but once done, these agents become quite the lifeline. Keep reading to know how to find one:

1. To begin with complete the manuscript. But this may vary from agent to agent. Some may ask for just the first few pages and some may want the entire manuscript. However, it makes sense to be ready with the entire story.

2. Understand what genre your book fits into. It could be fiction, children, non- fiction, fantasy, autobiography, adult novel and so on. Look for agents that deal with these specifictypes. While this is not a non- negotiable, but it will help your manuscript and your career, as it will be evaluated at par with the market. Agents keep track of literary trends and know how to influence them to. So it will do good to keep an open mind while dealing with one.

3. Then search online for literary agents. If you have heard of someone, check out the books that they have to their credits. See if the author has mentioned them in the acknowledgments. This may seem a little underhand, but it’s probably the best way to know if the…

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