AI Computer Vision Technology Making Any Image or Video Shoppable

The technology that Markable is developing is really exciting. We believe it has the potential to disrupt online shopping as we know it today.

“I am both grateful and inspired to be working with Plum Alley. Deborah and her team were incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and resourceful. This is a momentous occasion for Markable and a big step toward finally connecting content to commerce at scale. The revolution of deep learning AI started two years ago, and we are just seeing the first glimpse of its possibilities, especially in fashion. Riding on the tip of this wave, our multi-object recognition speed is in real time and our accuracy is 2-6 times higher than all other deep learning algorithms published. Plum Alley’s incredible network of members gives us the support, guidance and capital we need to grow and thrive, and ultimately achieve our goal of making ‘see now, shop now’ a reality for all,” said Joy Tang, CEO and Founder of Markable.

Markable is an early stage company founded by Joy Tang that has built proprietary technology allowing products in still and moving images to be identified through artificial intelligence and made available for purchase. Markable’s technology provides brands an easy and effective way to find new customers and generate higher conversion rates while allowing publishers and hardware manufacturers to monetize any content being streamed on their platform.

Markable’s technology, which is being piloted now with their first corporate clients, is able to identify products with high degrees of accuracy. By adding just 5 lines of code, Markable can identify 50 items per image in 3 seconds and 1 item in 0.2 seconds. Their technology can be used by millions of publishers and obviates the need for them to try to build this advanced technology on their own.

Joy Tang, the founder and CEO of Markable is an extraordinary woman founder in the world of technology. Tang, a graduate of MIT, won the math Olympics in China and previously spent 7 years writing algorithms for high frequency trading.

“We were drawn to Joy and the team she has built which includes 5 PhDs deep learning scientists and 2 Master deep learning engineers from around the world. Not only does Joy understand the market opportunity, but Markable is introducing its…

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