Agent Evolution Announces Newest Product in the Turnkey Suite – Google AdWords Management

[Search engine marketing] allows agents and brokers to strategically place themselves in front of a target audience and attract quality visitors.

Agent Evolution, a division of IDX, LLC, recently announced the newest product in their TurnKey suite – Google AdWords Management. The search engine marketing (SEM) services, offered exclusively for clients with a TurnKey website, will provide instant visibility for agents and brokers, boosting the potential for more leads and sales.

“Getting traffic through SEO takes time that most agents don’t have. And regardless, it’s nearly impossible to organically beat out Google’s paid ads,” says Agent Evolution’s VP of Operations, Chad Johnson. “Search engine marketing is a powerful, cost-effective solution. It allows agents and brokers to strategically place themselves in front of a target audience and attract quality visitors.”

By driving qualified traffic, the use of Google AdWords will provide an unparalleled advantage to all TurnKey clients:

  • Generate more leads: Investing in AdWords means ranking higher than the competition. Target searchers already interested in buying or selling a home, resulting in valuable leads.
  • Improve brand recognition: AdWords campaigns introduce site visitors to an agent’s specific brand. Remarketing efforts keep TurnKey clients in the forefront as they browse the internet.
  • Optimize ad spend: Agent Evolution will apply expertise, tools, and technology to virtually eliminate wasted clicks, delivering the highest return on investment.
  • Save valuable time: SEM Specialists will develop, optimize, and manage every aspect of the campaigns, allowing agents and brokers to focus on their existing clients.

“Whether searching for your name, specific communities, subdivisions, etc., AdWords is specifically designed to target ‘High Intent’ searchers already interested in what you’re offering,” says Chad. “When combined with our community landing pages, search engine marketing allows TurnKey clients to provide one-click access to the most popular areas, search criteria and/or property types that they service.”

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