Age Safe America Launches the Senior Home Safety Specialist™ Course

“Our goal is to provide a holistic curriculum and a fresh look at many issues affecting seniors endeavoring to age safe at home”.

This week Age Safe America released their much-anticipated Senior Home Safety Specialist™ online course. The course empowers participants with actionable ways to better help educate clients, older adults and their family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, financial exploitation and personal safety. This comprehensive 6-hour self-paced audio/video course offers the only certificate of its kind to individuals within the senior services industry. This important training consists of a 10-module self-study educational program with a quiz after each section that participants must pass in order to continue. Upon successfully completing the entire course, participants receive an attractive Certificate along with a digital copy of the Senior Home Safety Specialist™ emblem to use in their own marketing efforts. For individuals serving seniors the confidence that comes with increased knowledge is tangible. “Our goal is to provide a holistic curriculum and a fresh look at many issues affecting seniors endeavoring to age safe at home”, said Steven Bailey, Founder and Managing Director of Age Safe America, LLC

Approximately one-third of adults age 65 or older fall in their homes each year, resulting in injury, long-term disability and premature institutionalization. By 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the cost related to these kinds of injuries to be nearly $60B a year. “In an effort to reduce and prevent falls and their associated costs, Age Safe America offers this valuable training and the only certificate of its kind to all individuals concerned with the safety, security and longevity of seniors”, stated Fritzi Gros-Daillon, Chief Advocacy Officer for Age Safe America, LLC

Senior Home Safety Specialist™ graduates include a myriad of providers involved in the care, comfort, safety and security of older adults including occupational/physical therapists, home care providers, aging-in-place professionals, contractors, handyman services, home safety professionals, senior living staff, EMS community relations, family caregivers and others committed to assisting seniors to “age…

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