After Hurricane Matthew, Engineers Inspected the Just Installed InfraSteel Steel Slip Liners and Were Pleased with the Performance of the Rehabilitated Culvert

InfraSteel’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly culvert rehabilitation solutions.

Chapel Hill engineers inspected the just installed InfraSteel slip liner and were pleased with the performance of the rehabilitated structure, which has a new life expectancy of 75 to 100 years.

After Hurricane Matthew in 2016, a group of engineers from the Town of Chapel Hill inspected the just installed InfraSteel steel slip liners and were pleased with the performance of the rehabilitated culvert. Before the hurricane, the town had installed the culvert rehabilitation solution after the North Carolina Department of Transportation discovered three large failing corrugated metal plate arches under nearby Elliott Road on the heavily traveled US Highway 501. The 190” x 120 inch” corrugated metal arch culvert was near structural failure and needed immediate repair.

The Town of Chapel Hill is the home of the University of North Carolina. The college town is sensitive to the environmental impact of construction projects. Elliott Road has a traffic count of 7,000 vehicles per day and Booker Creek is prone to flooding. The city hired Hydrostructures, of Pittsboro, North Carolina, to determine the best solution to repair the failing culverts. Hydrostructures determined rehabilitating the existing culvert structure was the best solution. They started looking for a culvert rehabilitations solution that had low environmental impact, maximized hydraulic capacity, improved structural integrity and avoided traffic disruption. Based on this criteria, Hydrostructures chose InfraSteel from Precision Pipe and Products in January, 2016.

According to Cullom Walker, partner at Precision Pipe and Products and co-founder of InfraSteel Culvert Rehabilitation, “Hydrostructures asked us to inspect the failing structure in January 2014 because they knew that InfraSteel’s Smooth Wall Carbon Steel liner would match the radii of the existing structure and would provide a large cross-sectional area for flow capacity. They also realized that the slip liner’s smooth steel surface would increase flow capacity. Hydrostructures was impressed with InfraSteel’s impressive material testing data.”

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