After getting a hole in his chest, he deserved the hole-in-one

A golfer in New York changed his mind about a certain hole after the ace.

Talk about getting a mulligan.

Golfer Dan Lennon, 66, returned to the 17th hole at the Rockville (N.Y.) Links Club — the very same one on which he suffered a massive heart attack 10 months earlier — and uncorked a hole-in-one.

“It’s an awful lot of coincidences, but the good Lord was smiling,” Lennon told News 12 Long Island. “I never really liked the hole, but now I like it a lot more, because I lived and I got a hole-in-one.”


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Flag on the play

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield apologized for trying to stick an OU flag into Ohio State’s “O” at midfield after OU’s 31-16 win over the second-ranked Buckeyes.

In his defense, though, he couldn’t find a fork.

Playing for Peanuts

Wyoming punter Tim Zaleski totally whiffed on a kick against Iowa.

On the bright side, his first text of condolence he received came from Charlie Brown.

Booking it

“What Happened” went flying off the bookshelves last week as inquiring minds sought to learn how:

a) Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election

b) the Patriots got blown out by 15 at home in their season opener

Double-digit fine

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Unless you’re Marshawn Lynch, where a bird in each hand is worth minus-$12,000.

Tackle for loss

The NFL suspended Texans LB Brian Cushing for PED use again, this time for 10 games.

League officials suspected something was amiss when Cushing missed a tackle and knocked over a goal post.

Running Start Dept.

Just to show that MLB hasn’t cornered the market on obscure records, the Texans’ Deshaun Watson broke Tim Tebow’s record for the longest TD run by a QB making his first NFL start, with a 49-yarder against the Bengals Thursday night.

If it’s any consolation, Tebow’s 40-yarder remains the record for a left-hander.

Talking the talk

• Blogger Chad Picasner, after the Yankees’ Chase Headley and Starlin Castro matched their uniform numbers by hitting their 12th and 14th homers in the same game: “Where the hell is Aaron Judge (No. 99) when you need him?”

• Marlins manager Don Mattingly, to…

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