African Descendant Culture in Brazil – Equality and Freedom?

Brazilian Official History destined to African descendants a space that starts and finishes in the slavery and above the African civilization it spread a cloud of forgetfulness and exotism that the common sense reproduces in its narratives that still point out the African and aboriginal cultures as primitive. Abolished the slavery, the African image simply blanks from History books and fixes itself at a perverse form in the social imaginary.

However, clear understanding of Brazilian History, in these 500 years, is not possible if we do not consider in a deeper form the African social presence in its constitution. The way of living, thinking and working of Brazilian people is impregnated of African matrix. Since language, passing through gestuality and religiosity, it is very difficult to do not identify the African hand and soul in what we call Brazilian culture.

When we think about typical food, we remember in African culture.

The forms of music that us Brazilian identify as ours, either singing or moving the body, we remember of African culture.

Brazilian popular parties that paint of some colors our regions are made marshy from diverse African cultures. However, how we could explain, 507 years later, the situation of exclusion of African descendant population in a country where they represent 45.8% of national people?

We cannot forget that, as well as our pupils, we ourselves were formed under a directed optic of valuate what is not inside us but, what comes from far; even because this was the cultural form that European colonizers could be always present among us.

It is common to hear from the militant people of the African descendants rights movements in Brazil that “princess Isabel signed the Golden law, but she forgot to sign the work document”. This princess, daughter of the last Brazilian Emperor, signed the law, in 1888, which declared extinct slavery in our country.

And in Brazil, we also have a document that shows all real job relations, and all workers…

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