Affordable Housing Veteran Andy Blauvelt has joined Everyday Energy as Senior Vice President

“We look forward to continuing our market-leading efforts to bring solar and other renewable energy solutions to multifamily affordable housing in California and beyond.”

Everyday Energy is pleased to announce that Andy Blauvelt has joined its team as Senior Vice President, effective immediately. In his new capacity, Mr. Blauvelt will advance efforts by Everyday Energy to ensure that its renewable energy offerings remain attractive to multifamily affordable housing owners and fit appropriately into restricted financing and regulatory structures. He also works on public policy efforts to bring the benefits of clean renewable energy to low-income multifamily housing and the nearly half-million California households who live there.

As Everyday Energy’s resident “housing guy”, Andy ensures that the needs and goals of affordable housing owners, sponsors and residents are reflected across Everyday Energy’s offerings to maximize the value proposition to our customers.

Andy is an affordable housing veteran with a track record of innovation and success. He has spent his career in housing and community development, most recently as a housing and renewable energy consultant. His background includes service at the San Francisco City Planning Department, the Marin City Community Development Corporation and a dozen years as a project manager at EAH Housing. As manager of EAH’s solar efforts, he was among the original users of the path-breaking Multifamily Affordable Solar Homes program and helped forge implementation practices that have since spread industry-wide.

Andy earned his bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and a Masters of Public Policy and Urban Planning from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Andy has led the effort of a group of affordable housing owners to advocate for renewable energy policy at the California Legislature and California Public Utilities Commission as the coordinator of the MASH Coalition since 2014. The MASH Coalition has been influential as the CPUC has developed new rules to encourage the deployment of solar PV and other technologies on affordable housing. Andy was instrumental in the development of what eventually became AB 693 and worked with the MASH Coalition to…

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