AetherStore Crosses 30,000 Users Across 150 Countries

AetherWorks, a software research and venture development firm based in New York, announces today that it has reached over 30,000 AetherStore users across 150 countries. AetherStore pools spare storage from a home or office’s existing computers to create large, encrypted, on-site drives. Offering high availability, fast local data reads, and intelligent self-healing, AetherStore provides onsite storage without the cost of purchasing and maintaining additional hardware. When used as a backup target, AetherStore complements the cloud by providing a fast, private, local copy of the data without having to download it from the internet.

“The list of countries where we have deployed software is incredible,” says Allan Boyd, Chief Operating Officer of AetherWorks. “We have always considered the global market in our design, with the ultimate goal being to provide the service to anyone, regardless of location, and the quality of their infrastructure. AetherStore’s swift and broad uptake suggests we have achieved that. We are very much looking forward to the next phase.”

“AetherStore’s rapid adoption proves there is an appetite among IT Professionals, and even tech-savvy home users, to take control of their storage resources,” echoes Shannon Cody, Marketing and Communications Manager. “We’ve been able to explore channels that reach users in all corners of the globe and of all technical acumen because of how simple it is to download, install and deploy the software.”

The AetherWorks mission is to bring original, high quality technology to market through development and investment. The firm, which was started by CEO and Founder Robert MacInnis, Ph.D., specializes in fault-tolerant distributed systems, and has patented technology in software-defined storage and fog computing. The reach of AetherStore has truly become global with many emerging and frontier markets included in their deployment list.

About AetherWorks

AetherWorks is a software research and venture development firm dedicated to bringing original, high quality technology to market. AetherWorks specializes in distributed systems and has patented technology in software-defined storage and fog computing. Current development projects include AetherStore, a distributed storage solution, and ActiveAether, an internet-scale…

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