AerNos and MPS Announce Plans to Deploy Smart Parking Meters with Air Pollution Monitoring Capability

AerNos Smart City Sensor

AerNos & MPS to bring the sense of smell to cities in a meaningful way and to improve the lives of their citizens

AerNos, Inc., an innovator in nano gas sensors and MPS, Inc. an innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) connected Smart Parking Meters, today announced a collaboration to bring AerNos multi-gas sensing capability to MPS’s smart city parking meter deployments, giving cities – for the first time – the ability to track air pollution, climate gases and infrastructure leaks at a granular level 24/7.

The AerNos sensor will add air pollution monitoring capabilities to MPS’ already robust sensor based parking platform, which is being deployed on street and off street in Smart Cities across the US and Canada. Tiny, accurate and affordable, AerNos breakthrough nano gas sensors are configured to simultaneously detect multiple harmful gases to the parts per billion and are specifically designed to integrate with IoT devices, like smart meters, which are increasingly powering smart city initiatives.

With more than 90% of urban populations exposed to unhealthy air quality and cities worldwide competing to be smart city leaders, the AerNos and MPS collaboration provides an immediate opportunity for cities to deploy new tools to reduce exposure to air pollution and to improve the health and wellness of citizens.

At CES 2018 AerNos will showcase an MPS smart meter with its nano gas sensor embedded. AerNos will be located at booth #42367, Tech West, Sands Expo, upper level. MPS executives will be present to discuss their meters and the AerNos collaboration with visitors.

“Smart city initiatives promise to improve quality of life, drive an innovative economy and create a more sustainable environment for all,” said Sundip R. Doshi, Founder and CEO of AerNos. “We are thrilled to partner with MPS to bring the sense of smell to cities in a meaningful way and to improve the lives of their citizens.”

“We have seen our parking sensors deliver incredible results to smart cities across the US and Canada. Adding AerNos sensors to our platform is a logical extension for us to further serve our cities with measurements and opportunities for air quality improvements,…

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