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Travelers need to look into some matters when it comes down to having a vacation in Thailand. The laws are quite strict in the country and one needs to maintain them.

The nightlife in the country of Thailand has changed in the past one decade. The nightclubs except areas like, Petchaburi roads, Silom/Patpong and Ratchadphisek, are all supposed to close down around 12 am. New bar and disco establishments are allowed to be open till 1 am. Sometimes, international travelers might face one or two issues with the rules of the country. It is, therefore, necessary to know reliable phuket law firms that can help you to get out of a sticky situation in no time.

Rules for Adults

The alcoholic beverage law was introduced in the country in the year 2008. It also went through a number of amendments. Previous rule allowed adults from the age of eighteen to drink. However, post the amendments the age bar increased to 20 years. According to the new laws, it is completely illegal to sell the alcohols someone younger than the age of twenty years. Now, being a foreigner, you also fall under the same guidelines and rules. If your age is within 20, then you definitely need to accompany someone older than you while buying alcohols for a party and merry making.

Alcohol Limitations 

Vacation means enjoyment and one of the most crucial parts of parties are alcohol. Thailand does not allow you to drink in certain parts of the country. For example, you are not supposed to drink around temples or spiritual places for worship. You will come under illegal radar the moment drink in public offices, petrol stations, educational institutions and public parks. Now, there might be exceptions to all these laws. For instance, you can consume alcohol if you are attending an authorized banquet in a public office. Both local and international people are subject to this law. If anyone is found local or foreigner to drink without authorization in a prohibited place, then the person will…

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