Advantages of Android Tablet Operating Systems

Technology has become a synonym for change. Speaking of Google, A company known for its imaginative ideas and mind-blowing designs, launched a product [and less of hired a product] which took it to heights beyond comparison. Yes, the person next to you may be having it in her hands, apps telling her about her future, or while sitting in a car, it may be guiding the way: GPS-ing the vehicle through the toughest of the streets, or some kid playing with all her naughtiness on it. Of course, we are discussing ANDROID – The OS of today and times to come.

Amongst the various gadgets available Android Tablets are the latest upcoming bewitching gadgets which have become the most pleasing device amongst the mob. Android OS has many advantages over other Operating Systems which allows for efficient working of the devices. The main advantage of Android tablets of course is the fact that there are so many to choose from.
A very normal question may be tickling the intellect of the user could be, why should I go for Android OS when I already have Symbian or Nokia or Blackberry product. To this interrogation, we can simply raise a toast to Android. The OS is designed in such a fashion that it consumes minimum memory and processor at any given instant of time, thus the product running on it, can play number of applications simultaneously, multitask without a hitch.  And its smart sense closes the idle apps, which means, if running on low memory, it will automatically kill processes which are idle for a considerable unit of time, or even better, if the device is idle, it will suspend the applications, thus reducing the memory usage while the apps are still in action.

Applications and Widgets are one of the very striking features available on Android devices and are means to make our life easy. There are about 700,000 apps available over the registered space (and to tell you an amazing fact that till date more 25,000,000,000[25 billion] downloads have already taken place and…

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