Advantages and Disadvantages To Digital Custom T-Shirt Printing

Digital custom t-shirt printing is the process by which you can get any text, photograph or any graphic printed on a t-shirt by ink-jet or laser printer. This type of printing can be done in numerous ways and methods. T-shirt transfer paper is one of such processes. The T-shirt transfer paper method requires a novel paper to be imprinted upon the t-shirt. There is a different kind of transfer paper for light colored and white colored t-shirts and different for printing on dark and black colored t-shirts.

The paper can be bought as per the color of your t-shirt to self-impress over the t-shirt by yourself. However, while performing the process of digital custom printing on your own, the quality may not be upto the mark. Commercial heat process is used by the professional printers for executing the digital custom printing on t-shirts. Good quality printing on the t-shirts is achieved as a result of their professional knowledge and progressive technological assistance.

Advantages of Digital T-Shirt Printing

As oppose to the screen printing, the digital t-shirt printing does not need a preset number of t-shirts and hence is prefect for printing one or a minimum number of t-shirts as required.

You can print all the colors of your choice on the t-shirt, since this printing is done using a full color or inkjet printer. Thus, it is easy to get all graphics, photographs, etc., which have multiple colous merging and blending to be printed on your t-shirt.

Unlike other methods of printing especially screen printing, digital custom t-shirt printing does not require any preparation or prior set up. All you have to do is set the size of the photo or graphic according to the size of the t-shirt. Then flip it upon the print job so as to the judge the placement of the graphic or photo. Lastly, print and press on the t-shirt after placing it correctly.

Digital custom t-shirt printing offers another major advantage of being able to customize and personalizing the print as per your…

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