Advanced Cell Training Announces New Website Launch

Advanced Cell Training (ACT), a company that helps people with chronic conditions, announced today the launch of its newly revamped website, which offers quick and easy access to richer content. A new “How it Works” page provides visitors with a comprehensive understanding of what they will do during the program, what to expect from ACT, and what the body will do to correct “misbehaviors” that cause chronic symptoms.

“We know what we do is an outside-of-the-box approach. Our goal with the new site is to make it easier for visitors to understand how ACT can help them, and how it works,” says Advanced Cell Training Founder and Practitioner Gary Blier. “We listened to feedback from users about what they want to see, and we’re proud to launch a website that better explains the fundamentals and what to expect from our program. We also provide valuable tools so visitors can research us properly and make a well-informed decision as to whether ACT is a good fit. Above all, we hope it empowers them to know that they can take back control of their health and train their bodies to perform the way they are designed to.”

The new website features updated client testimonials and a series of short videos on the homepage that focus on the company’s mission to equip clients with tools to reprogram the body for proper cellular behavior that leads to improved health.

These videos also provide more insight into:

  • What traditional medicine identifies as the four root causes of sickness (allergies, autoimmune, pathogens, and stress) and how ACT simplifies the main causes as overreactions or under reactions of the body.
  • How the body’s internal “misbehaviors” can cause symptoms.
  • How stress can be processed properly, so that it no longer compromises your immune system and other autonomic systems.
  • How the body can be trained to correct internal “misbehaviors.”

Additionally, visitors to the new site can stay informed on the latest health-related topics, client success stories, and company announcements through the blog.

About the Company

Advanced Cell Training (ACT), founded in 1999, is a home-based program that trains the body to heal itself on all levels – physically, emotionally, and mentally – by resetting its biological response to pathogens, mold, allergens, toxins, stress, and…

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