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“ZonBlast has created more success on Amazon than anyone I know.” – Ryan Moran of

ZonBlast, the leading Amazon launch and optimization platform, has announced it’s rebranding and launch as SixLeaf.

The comprehensive private label Amazon sales and marketing SAAS headquartered in New Jersey started in 2014 as an answer to new Amazon sellers’ desire to boost ranking and land on the coveted first page of search results. The company has developed a name for itself as the most trusted platform for boosting ranking while always keeping an eye on Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS), ensuring that clients remain in good standing with the marketplace while benefiting from blast services.

The first of its kind, ZonBlast was created by brand owners for brand owners. Since Zonblast began offering their services to the public they’ve served chart-topping brands from nationally recognized websites like, big name baby product brands and even startups that have taken their concept all the way to the popular TV show, Shark Tank.

Out of Rapid Industry Growth, SixLeaf Is Born

However, changes within Amazon, including substantial growth of the marketplace, as well as growth of the ecommerce industry as a whole, have required new or enhanced services to help clients grow their brands. Operating as ZonBlast, the company found itself rapidly growing and expanding along with the marketplace and no longer recognizable as the original the original “blast”-centric company.

The decision to rebrand as SixLeaf comes at a time when Amazon is expanding at an exponential rate, cultivating relationships with top-tier retailers and narrowing its TOS to ensure that sales rank, reviews, and search page positioning accurately reflect the value of the product. Along with this evolution of Amazon, other marketplaces such as and even eBay, due to a resurgence of interest, are finding ways to gain traction in this ever expanding industry.

The name SixLeaf represents a new six prong approach to growth for the long term — Promotions, Advertising, Analytics, Competitor Analysis, Optimization and Scale.

“SixLeaf is now positioned to offer a comprehensive strategic plan to any Amazon seller,” says SixLeaf CEO Joe…

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