Addison Schultz and Tal Hirshberg: A Coffee Scion, and a Grande Love Story

His mother is a teacher at Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Center in East Rockaway, N.Y. His father is the chief operating officer of Anaya Gems, a jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler in Long Island City, Queens.

Ms. Schultz and Mr. Hirshberg met in April 2012 on OkCupid. He found her there blogging about all of her bad dates, and she found him determined to “get serious” with someone, just days after he attended his younger sister’s wedding without a date.

“Looking at her profile, there was great promise,” Mr. Hirshberg said.

Ms. Schultz, who found him first, agreed. “When I looked at his profile, it seemed like we both had a lot in common,” she said. “We both love standup comedy and hip-hop music from the ’90s, and we both love to travel.”

Within a week, he traveled from his Brooklyn apartment to meet her for drinks at an East Village bar not far from her home in SoHo.

The bar was extremely crowded when they arrived, and Mr. Hirshberg began to pace, causing Ms. Schultz a bit of alarm.

“He just started walking in front of me in circles; it was so strange,” Ms. Schultz said. “At first I thought he wasn’t interested in me and was thinking about walking away for good.”

But Mr. Hirshberg, who said he “can get nervous and anxious at times,” had other things on his mind.

“I was just pacing while I tried to come up with another plan,” he said. “It was just a lot of nervous energy on my part because I wanted her to have a good time and I was feeling pressured.”

He suggested bar hopping, and she agreed. When she finally caught up with him and had a chance to talk, he made a huge impression.

“He was one of the smartest people I had ever met,” she said. “And not just book smart, he was also very street smart and had a great curiosity about life.”

They began dating, and on their fourth date, Ms. Schultz invited Mr. Hirshberg over for a home-cooked…

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