Adam Masters Embarks on Marketing Campaign to Promote ‘Health Disclosure’

Adam Masters tables his ideas of getting free of a wheelchair with severe rheumatoid arthritis and cancer where chemo didn’t work. The inflammation was so bad that he earlier broke his femur walking because of severe osteoporosis confirmed by medical doctors and specialists. Masters details the fascinating odds of how he became able to walk, hike, ski and rollerblade back to good health without using the health care system in his book, “Health Disclosure: The Sequence to Obesity & Disease” (published by Balboa Press). The author is launching a marketing campaign to promote the book.

“I learned that achieving health is about clearing inefficiencies,” Masters writes, “athletes, sick and invalid, can optimize every cell in their body to thrive at full potential to a point where disease and health cannot co-exist…the nutrient you need the most is the nutrient you are most deficient absent of toxins. Once optimized only the potential of your greatest self can then exist. ”

Masters came to the conclusion that health seems to boil down to the six basic elements he calls “the Matrix.” Three levels of both toxicity and nutrition that go to aspects of cellular, blood and energy that need to be addressed. Masters claims that these six key elements go to the root cause of inflammation that if unresolved later go to the symptom of disease: “Achieving health is about achieving efficiency; like cleaning the filters in your car as toxins, having good spark plugs as digestion and having clean high octane fuel as nutrition in the tank,” he explains. “Miss one element and you have problems with your car. I had problems with all six elements and had to discover and optimize them to be well.”

The problem is “‘trauma-care-trained’ doctors are treating symptoms,” Masters explains. “Treating the symptom intensifies health problems with more medications needed by ignoring time with unresolved inefficiencies as imbalances. The truth is always simple. Nutrients in-toxins out. I’m living proof that formula works.”

Health Disclosure

By Adam Masters

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 288 pages | ISBN 9781452585031

E-Book | 288 pages | ISBN 9781452585048

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